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Would you like to book a service? Click the link below!
All 30-minute sessions are $5. 

HIT/HIM/HI Pathways

Let’s talk about future opportunities in HIT/HIM/HI and what it takes to navigate your pathway to success.

Health Professions Educator Pathways

This time is set aside for industry professionals that desire to transition into academia on a full or part-time basis. We will talk about training, continuing education, and learning environment preparation.

What Is Health Informatics?

Let’s talk about health informatics, it’s divisions, it’s subfields, and what you can do in the field.

Doctoral Decisions

Are you planning to pursue a terminal degree? Are you unsure as to whether you would like a PhD or a professional doctorate? Do you know the difference? Let’s chat about your options and choose the program that meets your personal and professional goals.

Agnew, Davis, & Siddell Business Services LLC can provide these services and much more. Please contact us at (205) 587-0559 if you have questions or other personal and professional development needs. 

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