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Boldly Advancing Equity Through Education

BAE is a network of women with graduate and terminal degrees in diverse areas who believe in the life-changing capabilities of education. Since its birth, it’s grown to include women committed to the cause of scholarship among women.

If you are interested in becoming a part of this organization, click the link below to get started with the application process.

BAE Membership Application

Classmates in Library

Mission & Vision

The mission of BAE is to serve as a community resource to help women of all ages and diverse backgrounds receive assistance to pursue their education and develop professionally and personally through mentorship and scholarship. Through collaboration with industry partners and community stakeholders, BAE is focused on helping improve the quality of life for young women through the power of education.

BAE will serve as a community resource to provide personal and professional opportunities for women. BAE will serve as a beacon for workforce development, training, scholarship, and extended opportunities to change the trajectory of neglected and underserved female populations.

BAe Goals

  • Increase awareness of the diverse possibilities available through education.

  • Provide scholarships to women pursuing higher education at the associate, baccalaureate, and graduate levels.

  • Aid in locating resources to help women pursuing higher education cover expenses through grants and fellowships.

  • Partner with industry leaders to create internship and apprenticeship opportunities for women to advance equity and promote diversity.

  • Host workshops and boot camps to address educational and personal readiness and responsibility.

Board of Directors

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