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The Mission and Vision of Agnew, Davis, & Siddell Business Services LLC

Agnew, Davis, & Siddell Business Services LLC is an entity designed with your success in mind. Whether you are a high school graduate looking to chart your path, a seasoned professional looking to change your career trajectory, or someone anywhere in between, we are here to help! 

The vision of Agnew, Davis, & Siddell is to be a leader in personal and professional transformation for individuals and organizations. 


The mission of Agnew, Davis, & Siddell Business Services LLC is to help individuals and organizations realize their full personal and professional potential through innovative training and development programs designed to meet short-term and lifelong goals. 

This business was named after the maternal and paternal grandmothers of the founder. Her goal was to be the best version of herself to make those matriarchs proud. Her goal is to help you do the same for yourself and those who support your goals. 

About the Founder, Dr. Jasmine T. Agnew

Dr. Jasmine Agnew is a native of Baldwyn, Mississippi. She attended Itawamba Community College in Fulton, MS, and obtained her Associate of Applied Science degree in Health Information Technology. She attended the University of Alabama at Birmingham and obtained her Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management. She also attended the University of Tennessee Health Science Center and obtained a Master's degree in Health Informatics and Information Management. Dr. Agnew is a Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA), Certified Associate in Health Information Management Systems (CAHIMS), Six Sigma Black Belt Professional (SSBBP), and Modern Classroom Certified Trainer (MCCT). She has her Doctorate in Health Professions Education. She has spent many years in workforce training and post-secondary education. She has extensive training in curriculum development, adult education techniques, diversity, equity, and inclusion practices. She currently works in post-secondary program administration and instruction. 

Rev. Dr. Agnew is an ordained Elder in Full Connection with the CME Church. She grew up as a local preacher and child of the parsonage in the North Mississippi region. She accepted her calling and was licensed to preach at the age of 16. She worked there in her home church, Bethel CME, with her father at his regional appointments. Rev. Agnew has pastored churches in the Mississippi South and Birmingham regions. She graduated from the Regent School of Divinity with a Master of Theological Studies. Her graduate research focused on developing ministries among vulnerable populations. While in seminary, she exercised her gifts by working at Miles Chapel CME Church and Southside CME Church. Rev. Agnew also devoted her time to working with young people in two campus-based ministries: Grown Folks Conversations: Single and Saved in the City and Girl Talk: Encouraged, Empowered, & Enlightened. Her passion is to reach unchurched populations and help them to develop a personal and meaningful relationship with Christ. Her motto is "live the life, teach the word, and love the people."

Rev. Dr. Agnew has worked with the Committee on Ministerial Examination for the Birmingham Region. She was the past Director of the Board of Christian Education for the Birmingham District and the Director of Evangelism & Missions for the Birmingham Region (Birmingham and Anniston Districts). After a sabbatical from the church, she discovered that her greatest ministry was among the people. Her desire is to reach people with encouraging words even if they have never stepped foot in a church.

Dr. Agnew is the founder of Calera Eats!, Alabaster Eats!, Bibb County Eats, Alabama Eats (also known as The Eats Squad), and Magic City Girls Night Out. She is the host and founder of the B.I.G. Life Live! Podcast. These causes use social media and community involvement as a platform for her "Planting a C.E.E.D." (pronounced SEED) initiatives. C.E.E.D. stands for Community Engagement and Economic Development. She has hosted community events through these channels and helped bring new mobile vendors to rural Alabama.

Dr. Agnew is also a Certified Makeup Artist. She specializes in not only assisting women with product selection and makeup application but she works with women to help illuminate their inner beauty as they learn how to enhance their outer beauty. Her private makeup group, Makeup & Mimosas, also uses social media to reach women across the Birmingham metro area by offering private classes and events.

Dr. Agnew is the author of "The Ministry of Womanhood: Pieces Along the Way," "Turn It On Ten: Unleashing the Power Within," and "The Family Untied."  She received the 2017 SAGE Award, highlighting excellence in education. She also won the 2016 and 2017 Pacesetter Awards for her work in her pastoral appointment. In 2019, she was recognized as one of the Top 100 People to Know in Shelby County (Alabama). She has one son, Tyler Christian. They've made Calera, Alabama, their home.

When asked which title or accomplishment means the most to her, her answer is "being a child of the Most High God."

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